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Treatment for Project Three

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Redefine the Box

A student inside a wooden box uses the wood of his entrapment to build a house (Bachelor of Architecture/Bachelor of Building Sciences) furniture (Interior Architecture) garden (Landscape Architecture) lamp (Industrial Design) and computer game (Media Design). Slogan: ‘Redefine the box. Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design.’

The student inside the box is a recent high school graduate, with the box representing his primary and high school mainstream education. Rather than bursting out of it and discarding this education or moving away from it, he uses it as a starting point to fulfil his creative ambitions in the VUW Faculty of Architecture and Design.

The Pitch

Creative high school students coming from the structured environment of secondary education relish the opportunity to develop their own ideas in university and beyond. The aim of the School of Design is not just to encourage people to think outside the box – directing their thought at alternative methods – but to take already-existing tools of thinking and working and improve, adapt, and reinvent them.

Artistic Questions

My artistic aim with this piece is to abstract a common experience, and also to [learn to] make a stop motion film with a person in it that looks smooth.

Production Design
The ad will be sixty seconds long in stop motion (it should also be possible to cut a thirty second and fifteen second version from this footage for TV advertising). The tone is uplifting, playful, simple, and bright; the student is on a plain white background with the box made of plywood strips around him. The score will be playful, simple and creative, not unlike early Architecture in Helsinki (2).

The student is curled in the fetal position inside a square of plywood strips in the centre of the frame. He yawns, outstretching his arms to push the box outwards, and ‘stands up’ (stretches his legs) pushing the box downwards. (This symbolises the widening of his knowledge post-secondary school).
He looks around, assessing his surroundings, and pushes the centre of the top strip upwards to resemble a roof. As his hand comes back down, he draws a string from the apex of the roof to just above his head and puts a lightbulb on the end of it.
He pulls down from the top of the right wall and a piece of wood half the length of the wall folds down from it to a right angle. He pulls down on that piece again to make another right angle, parallel to the original wall, making a backwards ‘h’ formation for a chair. He sits down on the chair.
The student takes the horizontal piece of wood from the chair beneath him, revealing another one below it, and folds it into a laptop. The angle changes to show the screen of the laptop: the student creates and plays a game controlling a square of wood that jumps around a wooden landscape and jumps on square wooden villains.
The angle changes back to the top down view. The student folds down the laptop, stands up from the chair, opens a door outwards from the box and ‘walks’ out of screen.
Inside the house, laser cut plywood letters appear to form the words: ‘Redefine the box.’
The Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Architecture and Design logo appears below the words.

The lightbulb will be a traditional incandescent lightbulb with the filament replaced by an LED and a self-contained battery.
Plywood will be 3mm pine ply, cut to 50mm in width and forming most of the set. The dimensions of the box, house, chair, laptop etc will depend on the physical dimensions of the actor. The laser cut words and logo in the final shot will fill the ‘house’.


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September 27, 2011 at 12:32 pm

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