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July 29, 2011 at 3:21 pm

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MDDN211: Project One Proposal.

Precedent Scene

‘Brick’ (2005) Car sequence


A conflict between two men reveals that they are the same person.

Precedent Analysis

The scene follows a conflict between Brendan, an outsider seeking vengeance for his ex-girlfriend’s death, and Tugger, the henchman of a local drug lord. Brendan threatens Tugger’s car with a brick to get his attention, and Tugger walks across the parking lot to beat Brendan up.  The scene makes use of extended, tense fermata in action.

The emotional effectiveness of the scene is gained from the ongoing conflict between the two characters and the incomprehensibility of Brendan’s motivations in luring the thug and allowing himself to be beaten up.
There are extended fermatas in action, where Tugger is seen walking across the parking lot and Brendan is seen holding a brick above his head for longer than the viewer might expect to see portrayed. This, like the musical technique fermata, serves to draw out the tension of the moment and increase the anticipation for the next moment.


The concept at the core of this scene is a conflict between a person who uses his physicality to solve problems and a person who solves problems tactically, where the tactics being used by the latter include being apparently beaten by the former.


The scene will be filmed in the Ergonomics lab, with a clear white background and minimal props, to emphasise the central conflict. One actor will portray both characters, with a hat to distinguish them.

Man one will begin on the right of the stage, wearing a hat and sitting in a chair. From the left, the word ‘HEY’ is heard, presumably from man two. He stands up, and the camera slowly pans to the left, where man two (the same actor, without a hat) is threatening to punch a screen. The camera lingers on man two, then slowly pans back to the right.

The camera then follows man one walking to the left, where he discovers that there is no one there. In frustration, he throws his hat to the right, offscreen, and looks to the right. The camera follows his gaze, panning to the right where man two is waiting. He picks up the hat from the ground and sits in the chair, relaxing, when HEY is heard from the left.



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July 29, 2011 at 1:00 pm

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MDDN211 Proposal

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We are planning to film on the weekend. My initial plan was to have animal costumes, but it turns out that it would be too expensive. Budget constraints are pretty tight for the moment.

The central idea of the scene from Brick that we are re-shooting is an outsider confronting a thug by threatening his possessions. One idea I have had for the translation is to conceptualise it as an inner battle, or an inner confrontation; to have both of the characters portrayed by the same actor.

This would ideally be shot in the ergonomics lab downstairs. The only set decorations would be a chair and a wall that could be punched through (or other thing that could be destroyed twice), and the only necessary wardrobe would be a hat and sunglasses to distinguish the two characters.

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July 27, 2011 at 12:16 pm

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Hello, world.

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My name is Merrin Macleod. I am a media design student at Victoria University of Wellington. This will be my course blog for MDDN251: Physical Computing and MDDN211: Digital Video Creation. It will also be my blog for other design-related things and other learning-related things.


Here are some of my interests:

  1. Government and politics.
  2. Linguistic mutation.
  3. Used postcards.
  4. Google Maps.
  5. Science fiction.
  6. Food ethics.
  7. Energy ethics.
  8. Typography.

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July 13, 2011 at 3:28 pm

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